We have a long list of desserts and pastry options for our wedding dessert menus.

This is a select menu for local orders. They are perfect for parties and gatherings. Let me design a dessert table for your next event or gathering. Order minimum of one dozen per dessert.

Exceptional Mini Eclairs

Mini Cheesecakes- Meyer lemon, New York, chocolate swirl, pumpkin.

Berry Tarts

  • Strawberry Tarts
  • Lemon Raspberry Tarts
  • Lemon Meringue Tarts

Mini chocolate cups with Chocolate Mousse

Cream Puffs or Profiterole


a tower of cream puffs with a thin crack layer of caramel.

Napoleons or Mille Feuille

Layers of pastry cream and puff pastry topped with a frosting and ganache glaze.

Marshmallows and dipped Marshmallows

freshly made, dipped and rolled to choice.


Zabaiglione cream cakes- stacked double brut chocolate cake mini discs layered with a hand whipped white chocolate zabaglione sauce.

  • Limoncello Trifle- serves 12
  • Tiramisu-serves 12

Email to order or call 406-587- LOVE (5683)