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Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first!

Desserts Handmade With Love In Bozeman, Montana.

Elle's Story

Whether you are receiving your Elle’s Belles as a gift or have ordered them for yourself, I hope you enjoy them so much you dance a little jig. I started Elle’s Belles in my home of Bozeman, Montana- late in 2003. Since then, EB’s has become known for it’s commitment to quality and dedication to baking perfection. I obsess over ingredients and artfulness. I am passionate about creating custom wedding cakes and custom batch orders of cookies, cupcakes, brownies, truffles, tarts, cakes, and desserts and displaying and/or packaging them ‘just so.’ We love baking and creating beautiful and unique deliciousness for our fans. It’s a complete dessert frenzy when you bring Elle’s Belles to a party.

- Elle Fine

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Our uncompromising quality & dedication to baking perfection.

 It has to catch the eye & taste incredibly delicious to make it off of our baking tables. From the cocoa to the vanilla, apples to the carrots, we use the finest & freshest ingredients we can find for you.

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Nationwide Shipping

We ship gift assortments of cookies, brownies, truffles & whoopie pies nationwide. We bake in small batches ‘to order’ allowing our ‘Belles’ to arrive as fresh as can be.

Local Orders

Find us in only the best bakeries and shops around Bozeman. This is placeholder text. We can write that Elle's Belle's can be found at local bakeries and marketplaces in and around Bozeman, Montana. Can list the most well known ones.

Weddings & Events

We are known for creating visually spectacular & delectable wedding displays that reflect the taste, personality & style of our ‘Belle’ Bride and Groom. It is nothing less than a “dessert frenzy” at a Wedding that features Elle’s Belles cookies, cakes, and desserts.

From Our Hearts – To Hand – To You – Always

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